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His intent is to avenge past injustices against his people, make a religious statement, and to further advance terrorist ambitions. Word of the theft and the uncertainty of the intended target prompt a massive international search for the weapon and its caretaker. The first involves the theft and subsequent movement of the bomb from Pakistan to a launch point in Lebanon. In fact the decision they make on where to concentrate their efforts raises a lot of doubt in the minds of high level government officials who are desperate to terminate the plot.

The two agents must fight this opposition, clouded by their own uncertainties, and, of course, manage the inevitable love affair that seems to be doomed by their cultural differences. Patterson is a terrific writer, another of the attorneys who gave up lucrative practices to concentrate on writing. His storyline is mostly credible, his skills are awesome, and the suspense is built by his master craftsmanship.

His main characters are realistically portrayed, although the bit players strike me as being too numerous with names that are difficult to remember. I enjoyed this book and feel somewhat more informed about the complexities of Islam culture, nuclear terrorism, and the intricate network of the espionage community.

May 10, Maureen rated it really liked it Shelves: thriller , fiction , middle-east. Better as a on a primer on how nuclear weapons could be deployed from Lebanon, The Devil's Light is only a so-so novel. I hate saying this, because I normally enjoy Richard North Patterson's work.

This one kept me going because it was jam-packed with interesting information, maps, and theories of things that could happen in the real world. His novel Exile, centered around Israel and Palestine was a much more moving work, while still imparting much about the area and people. The story moves along Better as a on a primer on how nuclear weapons could be deployed from Lebanon, The Devil's Light is only a so-so novel.

The story moves along at a good clip, but the action overwhelms the characters.

There are times when they are making speeches solely to impart information to the reader: a vehicle I understand the necessity for, but, at the same time, find diminishing to the people in the story. I know that atomic weaponry is and will continue to be a real and present danger. Maybe I am a little burned out on the story line, though. I would like to give this book 3. I recommend this book on the basis that it makes the reader consider how easily we could all go up in a mushroom cloud of nuclear annihilation. Aug 06, David rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Readers before The plot could have been quite gripping, a credible threat by terrorists to destroy a city on the 10th anniversary of Instead, Patterson tells a story that makes the reader feel they are in a never ending boring conference meeting.

There are meetings at CIA, with agents and with terrorists, but most of the time seems to be spent on the minutia of dealing with office politics. What is worse, Patterson spends way too much time preaching his political thoughts regarding how bad Israel is to the Palestinians and how counterproductive this behavior is. Nov 11, Colin rated it it was ok. A bomb is stolen by terrorists intending to use it to attack a city, and this book is the story of the agent setting out to foil them. A fairly engaging, if unoriginal, plot and the hero, Brooke, is much in the same vein as others produced by this author.

There is another familiar path when no sooner have we been introduced to Brooke than we are transported back 10 years for the back story. I thought that story of the transporting of the bomb through various countries was more interesting than t A bomb is stolen by terrorists intending to use it to attack a city, and this book is the story of the agent setting out to foil them. Luckily there were no donkeys about when these happened or they would be minus their hind legs.

The story mixes factual events with the plot, not particularly well - in fact there is an attack on one of the most famous sites in history and the reaction is, to say the least, fairly muted. The tale comes to an end pretty satisfactorily but no more. All in all a reasonably good read but, in the words of the king, it could have done with ' a little less conversation, a lot more action' As the story developed, I started to see that it was more that a book about retailiation but a book dealing with spies and how they operate in different countries and with different identifies.

It made me think about what we are being told in the news and the pressure the intelligent gathering people are under as they try to protect us from terrorists.

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I know this book didn't get very good reviews, maybe because it is so different from his other books. More of a thriller about terrorism and the troubled times of today. It was just so informative about the problems and the people of the Middle East. Loved the plot, loved the action and loved the characters. Got this book from the giveaways. Good twist at the end. Sep 24, Don rated it liked it.

Three and a half stars. A nuclear weapon is stolen from Pakistan and Osama bin Laden boosts an American city will be destroyed. Brooke believes this a decoy and has a hard time convincing his superiors.

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However, off he goes to the middle east as time is running out. This novel contains the usual interesting characters but it isn't his usual five star story. Still very much worth reading. I enjoyed this plot and the characters, after I had made 3 pages of notes of the various people, their agencies, countries and divisions and their alliances so I could follow the plot!

Jul 08, Jackie Lyon rated it really liked it. Glad it had a love story in it.

THE DEVIL'S LIGHT by Richard North Patterson | Kirkus Reviews

I was worried at first! Several plot problems along with Patterson's own verbosity marred what ought to have been a taut political thriller. I sense this may be common to Patterson works. At points, he seems to let the plot unravel or circle back at the behest of his many mental non-sequiturs.

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It happened frequently in "The Devil's Light. I thought this was supposed to be a spy novel, not a romance. But Brooke comes across way too sappy and spoiled over the first pages or so to be anywhere near a likeable protagonist. That first pages also crawls thanks to overexplanation and repetition. Too much of what has become cliche in these type of novels: skeptical bosses at Langley stonewalling the spy-hero from his clairvoyant world-saving mission.

By the time the reader gets introduced to a more hardened, developed character in Brooke, the reader has long since lost involvement or concern for him or the plot. Too much skepticism and policy arguments from his superiors make the government seem impotent. Too much over-explanations about Middle East dynamics become frustrating and redundant.

I get it, Shia and Sunni don't like each other! I get it already, Richard, you can move forward.

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Thankfully, the book gains speed near the end, but even then the author's action scenes seem awkward and herky-jerky. He clearly isn't comfortable with that style of writing. Patterson's rendering of Carter Grey as Brooke's mentor appears a misguided attempt to conjure an Obi-Wan type character. In reality, though, he, like everyone else in Washington seem to be utterly powerless and throwing their hands up in oh-well fashion at the fate of a stolen nuke. The most likeable and powerful character in this novel is perhaps the bomb itself.

May 03, Chicken Little rated it liked it Shelves: first-reads. First of all, I won this book through Goodreads Free Giveaway program; thank you very much! This is a book packed with action. Brooke Chandler is growing tired of his desk job for the CIA. He is so ready to take on some action; however, he has no clue of how much action he will actually find when he decides to investigate the disappearance of a nuclear bomb in the Middle East. He strongly suspects Al Queida of the theft; he begins a race against time to find the device, disarm it, before Bin Lade First of all, I won this book through Goodreads Free Giveaway program; thank you very much!

He strongly suspects Al Queida of the theft; he begins a race against time to find the device, disarm it, before Bin Laden decides to detonate it. Fast-paced and filled with interesting characters, this new novel by Richard North Patterson failed to hold my attention completely. I found myself a little bored with the innumerable details the author provides and eyed the stack of books on my nightstand a little too often.

I decided to read it as fast as I could as to be done with it as soon as possible. I gave it three stars because I was amazed at the amount of research that such story must have entailed. That, in itself, is truly remarkable.

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  7. While I can say that I did overall enjoy this story kind of , at the same time I feel that with The Devil's Light RNP is moving further and further away from fantastic, brilliant, outstanding previous works such as Protect and Defend. Hopefully he will go back to the courtroom in his next novels, because that is where his true strength really lays.

    To Goodreads, as always, thank you: I am truly grateful. Oct 14, Marvin rated it liked it. As often with Richard North Patterson novels, this one is hard to rate. After a couple of disappointments, I was glad to have one with the characteristics I most appreciate. It's a story set mostly in the Middle East and does a lot of teaching about the complexities of the region--complexities that, as he harps away at, our government does its best to ignore.

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