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More Details Original Title. Odd Thomas 4. Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Odd Interlude 3 , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 10, Mike rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned , challenge. The 3 novellas are fan-friggin-tastic! I love the way that more characters were incorporated into the story and that things that you wouldn't expect included i. However, I have come to a conclusion that makes me quite depressed.

It is stated in each of these novels that as they have been "written" by Odd, they are not to be released until his death. Meaning that in the course of two more books, Odd will move into "service". Sad, because this is a terrific character and deserves many more tales to be told.

Oh and I think that Dean Koontz's inclusion of Tom Cruise's name in each of this stories really is pure genius and adds a little bit of continuity that will bring a smile to your face each time you read it. Dean Koontz has again written a phenomenal fast paced read and I look forward to the upcoming titles in the Odd Thomas Series. Jul 21, Greg rated it liked it Shelves: fiction-and-humor. Not bad Better than others of his more recent works, but still wordier than he used to be.

Too much inane chatter from the characters and overuse of "SAT" words, as my kids like to call them. He used to be more crisp in his writing. Also, the action was formulaic, not as intrinsically frightening as some of his earlier books, perhaps because it was, Not bad Also, the action was formulaic, not as intrinsically frightening as some of his earlier books, perhaps because it was, in the end, not close enough to human evil to inspire true shivers.

All in all, better than some of his recent books, but not up to the level of humor of Tick Tock , the humanity of Watchers , the psychological drama of Cold Fire , or the creativity of Lightning or Twilight Eyes.

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I'm hoping for better from Odd Apocalypse. Jun 28, Chris rated it it was amazing. Wrapping up this little trilogy of Odd Thomas novellas, leading up to Odd Apocalypse in late July, I enjoyed this departure into more of science-fiction horror than supernatural. Odd does what he does, this self-depracating would-be hero, and manages to sprinkle in both wickedly funny and poignantly sad moments, all the while leading to a confrontation with pure alien evil.

Yeah, I was a tad bit disappointed spoiler alert! Jul 04, Blue Eyed Vixen rated it really liked it. In Odd we trust! I'm a big fan of the Odd Thomas series so it was a pleasure to read this 3-part Novella. I found it quirky, well-paced, with the occasional curve-ball thrown in Classic Koontz!

My favourite character aside from Oddie would be Ed, who strangely, has a great sense of humour for who, or what I should say, he is! Jun 19, Angela rated it really liked it. As for this final instalment, it achieved what it set out to do, however the interludes as a whole were nothing much more than a blip on the Odd Thomas story.

May 13, Lexa Cain rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed , horror. If you enjoy Odd Thomas books, you'll enjoy Odd Interlude. When starting Koontz's Odd Interlude 1, I expected it would be the first of three short stories, but it's actually the first third of a novella featuring the character Odd Thomas. As usual with Koontz, things are fast-paced, well-described and exciting. I always enjoy Koontz's books because it's so easy to root for his heroes, and they don't come more likeable than Odd Thomas.

Dean Koontz - Odd Interlude

He's sympathetic, humble, funny and brave. The plot is interesting, horror with a Sci-Fi twist, dealing with a scientist infected by his own experiment and gaining the ability of psychic domination. I finished Odd Interlude 1 and 2 very quickly. I got a bit bogged down in 3, but not because of Odd or the villain, who were both very good. I had some trouble with two supporting characters, Jolie, a twelve-yr-old, and an AI computer.

Writing in the voice of kids is hard, and Koontz seems to think yapping on in a first person stream-of-consciousness manner portrays a teen or Jolie anyway. Although others may find her cute, I found her annoying. I also had trouble with the AI's voice. He reminded me of Number 5 from "Short Circuit,"not a super-intelligent military computer. Regardless of these niggling disappointments, I still gave this collection 5 stars because Koontz is far better than so much of the Horror drek getting published now.

Jun 25, Mo rated it liked it. Read parts 1, 2, and 3 as a complete combo ebook. And why was the character Annamaria with Odd? I guess she's going to be importan Read parts 1, 2, and 3 as a complete combo ebook. I guess she's going to be important in the upcoming Odd Apocalypse?

And where's the ghost of Frank Sinatra? And why wasn't Boo utilized beyond just a couple of sentences? View 2 comments. Aug 11, Malinda rated it really liked it Shelves: job-chef-baker , horror-thrillers , paranormal-psychic , pov-male , non-romance-reads. It finishes off the story in typical Odd Thomas fashion. There's more of a cross-over with the Moonlight Bay series but no appearances from Christopher Snow mores the pity. I really liked this conclusion of the story and the whole thing was very good overall. The narrator did a great job as normal.

Jun 25, Joey Lewandowski rated it really liked it. The three-part mini-series is up and down but for the most part it is more good than average. Jul 27, Monica Miller rated it really liked it. Pretty good finale for the novella, but I did get lost a lot in the descriptions and the shifts between Odd and Jolie. I am interested in what's to come, but man, it gets so tiring with all the nonsense descriptions. Also, the alien thing Kind of weird. It's been years since I've read any Odd Thomas and he's just as endearing as I remember. Jul 05, Laura Draper rated it it was amazing. Liked Love all the Odd Thomas books.

Look forward to reading Odd Apocalypse next. Highly recommend them. Dean Koontz is one of my favorite authors. Jan 08, Tracy rated it it was amazing. Jan 09, Dekaydreader rated it it was amazing. Whoa, Nellie, what a ride! Bingeing on Odd Oct 28, Stephanie Griffin rated it liked it. The plot is entertaining; Odd comes upon a motel and diner run by the Harmony family, who are being brutally mind-controlled by Dr. Odd befriends a girl named Jolie Harmony and using her knowledge, he tries to stop the maniac.

I was eager to see what Odd found in the house as he hunted down Dr.

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Hiskott to destroy him! Odd Thomas is not an everyday person you would run into on the street. He has a sixth sense and can see ghosts. He has a habit of running into things that go bump in the night. Here he has a run-in with one of Dr. A strong supple scaly tail, previously unnoticed, whips around my legs. The capelike mass of loose skin billows out and then forward to enwrap my body, as if I am soon to be a monk of its satanic order, robed and cowled and moon-eyed alike to it.

Who is this person? She appears at the very beginning and at the end of the story but has no interaction in the main plot. Her monologues would be a better fit in one of the longer books. Dec 08, Edward Lorn rated it it was amazing. Hey, hey, hey! Glad to see you back for the final review. I grew up reading Dean Koontz. No matter how unrealistic the circumstances, as long as you care about the characters, anything can be possible.

I think that, more than anything else, is why I loved the final novella in this Odd Thomas side quest. The dark fantastic is a grand place to get lost in, and Dean Koontz took me on a j Hey, hey, hey! The dark fantastic is a grand place to get lost in, and Dean Koontz took me on a journey I will not soon forget. But this is a good kind of terror. Koontz garnered a reaction in me so severe that I read the final half of this novella with one eye closed. He scared the bejeebus out of me and that's not easy to do. Odd finally meets the puppeteer of Harmony Corners and sees this man in all his terrible glory.

I was riveted to my kindle, heart thundering in my chest and breath coming in shallow gasps. This is where this book succeeds the most. We all know Odd survives. He has another adventure after this Odd Apocalypse and yet another coming out in March of called Deeply Odd, yet Koontz managed to make me fear for Odd's life. I really didn't think our little fry cook would see the outside world again.

I honestly believed he was finally going off to be with his girl, Stormy. Damn, this was a well told story. This side quest has me seething with anticipation for Odd Apocalypse now, for one main reason. At the end of this novella, Odd tells us that he is going off to Roseland and that he will face horrors that trump the events of Odd Interlude. I find this highly unlikely, but we shall see. Given that this jaunt away from the main series has been the best thing Koontz has written in the past decade, the author seriously has his work cut out for him.

I just started the next book. I'll tell you what I think the moment I am done. But, seriously, if you don't read any other Odd Thomas story, read this. Feb 07, Al rated it really liked it. Dec 31, Shireen rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , , novella , horror. This ebook is part three of three, really a novel cut into three to up the suspense and profit factor. This is a review of all three. The most overriding characteristic of this story is -- compelling. I hadn't realised when I borrowed the first one that these three ebooks are structured as parts one, two, and three of one story, and so I ended up having to wait interminably for Odd Interlude This ebook is part three of three, really a novel cut into three to up the suspense and profit factor.

I hadn't realised when I borrowed the first one that these three ebooks are structured as parts one, two, and three of one story, and so I ended up having to wait interminably for Odd Interlude 2 to become available from a very long hold list. I didn't make the same mistake with the third one, and put a hold on it at the same time as the second one.

As usual, Odd came through strongly, with his discursive way of writing his story and his philosophical musings as he faces the growing horror of the man who holds the denizens of Harmony Corners in psychic hostage. I must say I didn't see coming the reason for the man's abilities and psychosis. I'm not sure I bought it, but really that was a small part of the threesome of ebooks.

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