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This Psalm was originally sung in connection with a cultic procession honoring the Ark of the Covenant. By his Ascension, the risen Lord likewise " mounts his throne " in glory, suggesting that by the Ascension, the risen Jesus " mounts his throne " in glory. But just before his Ascension, Jesus entrusted to the disciples the mission of preaching the Good News and evangelizing the whole world by bearing witness to him through their lives. It is in the Ascension that we see Jesus entering fully into the life and glory of God.

In the descriptions of Christ after his Resurrection, we are given a hint of what life will be like in Heaven. The prospect of sharing that glory should be the driving force of our lives. The list of eleven disciples is conspicuous for the absence of Judas. Dennis Ham. The hymn then goes on to elaborate on the exaltation and kingship of Christ.

Reginald Fuller. Paul got a glimpse of this post-Ascension glory on the road to Damascus. CCC Our mission is to preach the Good News of salvation to the whole world by word and deed. We continue to receive the Divine assistance and spiritual gifts necessary for our Christian witnessing through the Holy Spirit Whom the risen Jesus, after His Ascension, asked the Father to send on the Church.

Many Biblical scholars today believe that they may have derived from a second-century source which included accounts of post-Resurrection appearances. Gerard S. It is a culmination, but not the conclusion. That had already happened at his Resurrection. The focus of this feast is the Heavenly reign of Christ. The Lord is now "seated at the right hand of the Father" as we profess in the Nicene Creed, meaning He alone is in control of the continuing plan of salvation through the Holy Spirit, unrestricted by time, space or culture.

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Thus, in the Paschal Mystery, Jesus' passion, death, Resurrection, Ascension and the sending of the Holy Spirit form one unbroken reality which is to be understood by Faith. The Ascension means that Jesus, His salvific suffering for our Salvation completed, is with his Father in glory. For example, in the accounts narrated in Luke and Acts, the Ascension took place in Jerusalem. In Matthew and Mark, on the other hand, the event occurred in Galilee.

All accounts, however, agree that the Ascension took place on a mountain.

The Resurrection and the Ascension

In Luke and Acts, the Ascension happened forty days after the Resurrection, a period during which Jesus appeared repeatedly to his followers. In Matthew and Mark there is no indication of the time period between the Resurrection and the Ascension.

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Christ has opened the way to heaven for us. All are in agreement that a Jesus gave the disciples a mission of bearing witness toh by preaching and living the Good News. In Jesus, the human and the Divine become united in the Person and life of one man. That's Christmas. At the Ascension, this human being — the person and the resurrected body of Jesus — became for all eternity a part of who God is. This is what, and Who, ascended. This is what, now and forever, is a living, participating part of God. In Luke, the Ascension is an occasion of joy.

The disciples, drawn together by Jesus, are told once more about the Resurrection, receive a promise of the Holy Spirit and are exhorted to stay in Jerusalem. Jesus leads them to Bethany, a mile and a half from Jerusalem, then tells them to go back. Having worshipped the Lord and given him homage, they return to Jerusalem full of joy — adoring the Lord in the Temple. Acts tells the same story, but emphasizes the fear experienced by the disciples.

The evangelist provides a summary of what Jesus had said in Luke. But now it is the disciples who are the protagonists of the account.

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They want to know if Jesus definitely is going to establish the kingdom. He tells them it is not theirs to know. In Acts, Jesus is depicted as ascending into heaven, disappearing from their presence. Luke mentions an ascent, but Acts is specific — Jesus disappears in a cloud.

Christ Is Risen

A detail is added in Acts not present in Luke. The disciples encounter two men dressed in white, paralleling the moment of the Resurrection. They tell the disciples that Jesus will come again, descending from the clouds. Acts, therefore, has two significant differences from Luke. First, the main protagonists in Acts are the disciples. Second, Acts promises not just the descent of the Spirit, but also the final appearance of Christ at the end of time. In Acts, we see a fruitful reflection on the event of the Ascension.

The departure of Christ has led to a new age, to the apostolic era in which Christ speaks now through the Church. He is still present; his voice resounds. But today it is not only the apostles, but all of us disciples who proclaim him now. Likewise, the departure of Christ is not permanent.

It is a distance that allows for the increase of faith, hope and love. It is a distance that promises a fuller presence.

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